About me

A very warm welcome to my website!
Here you can read about and experience my relationship with music, how I sound when I am singing or playing the piano and what I can do for you to accomplish your musical dreams.

As far as I know, I always wanted to become a singer: stand on a stage, hold a mic, wear beautiful dresses and express all that is within me. My grandma told me that I was singing in her bathroom at the age of 3 and she said I sounded like an angel.

My music career actually started in a Hungarian kindergarten when the director of the local elementary school, which had a music department starting from the age of 6, came to listen to us singing. When I finished my song and wanted to go back to my place, he asked me to stay and sing one more song 😀 and I was invited to attend his school between 1984-1992. At this school, named after the famous Bela Bartok, I started to sing in the choir, won the competition for close harmony three times and the city folk song singing competition one time. There I also started learning to play the piano when I was 7 together with music theory and solfege (a music education method used to teach aural skills, pitching sight-reading of Western music).

It was a straight line for me to continue at the prestigious music faculty of Tömörkény István Secondary School in Szeged between 1992-1996 where each week I had 4 hours of music lessons, 1,5 hours of choir practice, and a 1 hour piano and music theory (solfege) lesson.

From there, between 1996 – 2000 I studied at the University of Szeged in Hungary at the Teacher Training College ‘Juhász Gyula’ and interestingly I chose to become an Italian Language Teacher and Cultural Organizer. During these years I didn’t give up my music dream as I also attended a music school where I had private singing lessons in the style of jazz, gospel, swing, and pop. There I also learned jazz music theory and started an acapella vocal quartet. We sang together for 4 years and won the competition between the city’s universities which resulted in a 10 – day tour to France which I organised.

Music became a hobby between 2000 – 2010: I took private lessons, sang in different bands and choirs, had a lot of gigs and concerts at different venues. I even participated in a talent show in 2002 (see the video on Listen to me – Movin’ on up).

When I came to the Netherlands in 2010, I attended the Koorenhuis music school in The Hague for a year. There I took various lessons and courses including:

  • jazz singing: Natasa Kurek
  • piano: Arben Ramadani
  • jazz improvisation: Fay Claassen
  • close harmony group: Annemarie Willems
  • combo playing course: Robert Veen

I was encouraged by my teachers at the Koorenhuis to apply to a Conservatory as it was always my dream. Even though I was afraid that they wouldn’t take me, I took a deep breath and went for an audition. My dream was realized and I studied JAZZ VOCALS and PIANO at Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam from 2011 – 2015.

  • My singing teachers were Simone Roerade, Harjo Pasveer, Fay Claassen and Bart de Win
  • My piano teachers were: Johan Clement (jazz), Berthil Busstra (pop)
  • In addition to vocal performance I completed a Band Coaching and Music Pedagogy minor in 2014 at Codarts as well.

Since 2012 I offer private lessons in Dutch and English for children and adults and since 2014 I teach individual music lessons at the British School in the Netherlands for students and (also staff members) for piano and singing.